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Great and Loving Person  / Ademola Costa (Friend's Son )  Read >>
Great and Loving Person  / Ademola Costa (Friend's Son )
He would send his official vehicle to Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro to take me and Peter to Ibadan for the holidays, in the early 70s.  Once in a while, he would visit us in school.  He was kind and generous.  May his soul continue to rest in peace. Close
Condolence Message to Mrs Gertrude Adenihun  / Deun Barber Nee Owolabi (Gertrude's FRCN Ibadan Colleague )  Read >>
Condolence Message to Mrs Gertrude Adenihun  / Deun Barber Nee Owolabi (Gertrude's FRCN Ibadan Colleague )

Hello Bolatito and Hello Mrs Adenihun,

Mrs Adenihun you may not remember me but i do remember you and i remember your husband Brigadier Sunny Adenihun very clearly.  The Man that love life and actually lived a very good life.  I am very proud of Bolatito having gone through this page.  Bolatito May you continue to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Lord day in and day out.  Your father was a great man who placed his family at the forefront.  I remember that he treated you Mum with so much love, respect and all that he has got that Trude was an envy of so many people.  Sad that he had left us.  I just stumbled on this page while searching for old friends.  Your Mum is so giving and generous so also Uncle Sunny.  I could see that you have inherited their good nature as well.  May the Lord look after you and all of your other siblings.  May the Sould of Uncle Sunny Adenihun rest in peace. Amen.  Love to your mother and all.  (Mrs Deun Barber Nee Owolabi former FRCN Ibadan worker).

Nice to have met you  / Kunle Shiwoku (tunji's former friend )  Read >>
Nice to have met you  / Kunle Shiwoku (tunji's former friend )

Hearty regrets,

But times pass,

Fortunate to have met you,

May your soul rest in peace.

Adieu egbon Sunday Ajibade Asola a ni ma hun.  / Soba Olufemi (Cousin)  Read >>
Adieu egbon Sunday Ajibade Asola a ni ma hun.  / Soba Olufemi (Cousin)
My dear egbon, you were a pride to the young and old in our community, and more so to those of us related to you by blood, at a time when true role models were hard to come by. You will not only be remembered for your courage and bravery, but your kindness, thoughtfulness, humour, and that infectious loud laughter that made faces around you glow. You were a good husband and father, brother, cousin, and a toast of your friends. As a soldier you fought gallantly in a civil war to ensure unity of the culturally diverse people of your motherland, and to promote peace elsewhere in the world including Lebanon, Israel, and the Republic of Congo. Adieu Sunday Ajibade Asola a ni ma hun. Sun re o!  Close
My Grandpa was a Loving Grandpa  / Seyanu Adisa (Granddaughter)  Read >>
My Grandpa was a Loving Grandpa  / Seyanu Adisa (Granddaughter)
My grandpa was a loving grandpa. No matter what, he was a cheerful man. He always knew how to make people happy. The stories I heard from my mom, grandma, and grandpa himself were very funny. Sometimes, when I went to my room about to get ready for bed, I would go to my grandma and ask her to tell me about grandpa. Those stories were very enjoyable. The stories of grandpa’s life are actually lessons that should be learned by other people, things that can help you in life. He was a role model for his children and grandchildren by setting a good example in helping others in many different ways. He also served in 3 different wars while he was in the army. There are so many great memories I have of my grandpa that I will carry throughout my life and share with my children. The day he passed away, I didn’t know what to do. I knew that all the fun times we had together would be gone. It is very hard to accept that he is gone. I know that grandpa is in a better place, in heaven with God in eternal happiness. Close
You Were a Wonderful Man  / Oluseyi Adisa (Grandson)  Read >>
You Were a Wonderful Man  / Oluseyi Adisa (Grandson)
Grandpa, you were a wonderful man to be around. Your warm presence always enlightened us so. You always made the house a comforting place to be with your vibrant presence. You were a man of great deeds. You did so much for many people. From feeding the poor, to making donations to many people and causes. You enlightened people with your deeds, words, and actions. The best thing about you is when you would always make jokes about the silly things we did and always make our day joyful and bright. You were a great role model to me you taught me how to become a better person and a stronger person. You also left a great example for many to learn from. You have impacted all of our lives with joy and comfort and I am glad that we all shared multiple great times together. Dear Grandpa may your soul rest in eternal peace with the Lord. Close
A Great Grandfather  / Seore Adisa (Grandson)  Read >>
A Great Grandfather  / Seore Adisa (Grandson)

My grandpa he was a great grandfather, and an inspiration to me. The reason he was an inspiration to me is whenever I was angry he told me the right things to do, to make the situation better. He made my life a little bit better when I was around him. The memories I have of him are great such as making me laugh and doing other thing to make me happy. When he was in the hospital, it was hard for me to know that he was not feeling well,  I felt really sorry for him. So I was very happy when he come home and was well again. Normally I am a nuisance, but with him I always behaved myself. That was a great thing that happened to me because it was like discipline, but a lot softer. The day he passed away, it was sad and I wanted to see my wonderful grandfather again. All the memories I have of him are within me forever. The good thing about him passing away is that he is happy with God. It was hard for us to move on but we did because my Grandpa always wanted people to be happy.

A Smile to Lean On  / Adeboye Adenihun (Son)  Read >>
A Smile to Lean On  / Adeboye Adenihun (Son)

Daddy, you touched so many hearts and were loved by many people around the world. Your presence in a room was comforting and you set the mood to an atmosphere of great humor and laughter every single time.

My favorite memories are of the wonderful stories you told me of your childhood in Ghana while I was trimming your hair. My daddy loved to go fishing as a child. There was a river a few miles from his home where locals would go to wash clothes and fetch water on a regular basis. One afternoon he had finished washing a big load of clothes and started his trip back home on a narrow path along the river bank. He slipped on the path and tipped over the heavy load while falling into the river. Some people nearby helped him out of the water and took him home that day. He became afraid of the river and did not return there for months, until one morning he decided he would not only go back but he would swim across the river. He felt that the incident had stopped him from doing his chores and his most beloved pastime... fishing. So he asked a few friends to accompany him and so they did, assuming that he was all talk. He swam hard and accomplished his mission, understanding more about himself.

This bravery lead him to a career in the Nigerian Army, but most of all it reminds me of how passionate he was about his feelings even as a child. Daddy, you will always be with us all.

Your forever loving son,

To a Loving Father  / Adetunji Adenihun (Son)  Read >>
To a Loving Father  / Adetunji Adenihun (Son)

To a loving father, a dear friend, and a nurturing companion. It is with a heavy heart, that we acknowledge your passing, but with peace of mind to know that you are in a better place.

In the time we shared before your life ended, it was easy to understand why you were very influential. Some people liked you, others loved you. You were a social butterfly that enhanced every gathering. You represented the integrity of an officer, the firm voice of a soldier, a brilliant mind, a kind soul, and a loving heart. Your presence and influence did not bring life, it brought the flavor that made life worth living.

I cherish the memories I have from these last months you shared with us. Your vibrant soul brought a synergy that enhanced our existence and I know that everyone who was fortunate to have spent time with you, benefited from the experience. May your kindness never be forgotten, your warmness never be missed, your touch always be revered, your presence appreciated, and may your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

We celebrate your life...  / Bolatito Adenihun Adisa (Daughter)  Read >>
We celebrate your life...  / Bolatito Adenihun Adisa (Daughter)
Darling Daddy, now that you are gone, you have left behind clear evidence of the merit of being "your brother's keeper," of "caring for the homeless and the hungry," of "being kind to strangers." For now, we, the family you left behind are overwhelmed with the love, support, and the shared loss of you from all those whose lives you touched in all the corners of the world. What you sewed during your life, you now reap from beyond.

I am convinced without reservation that a life lived, day by day, doing the best that you can each day, giving your best, and expecting the best of others (whether they give their best or not), and above all holding onto God, the author of our lives, is the ideal way to live.

No one could be around you for long without you making them laugh one way or another. You were a jovial, humorous and kind. You loved to sing and had a voice for singing...especially church songs. You automatically harmonized any song. You loved life and lived it to the fullest. You were adventurous and your curiosity took you all over the world.

My memories of you in the last week before you left your human body behind to be present in Spirit, was of you teasingly doing Tai Chi moves...of you dancing around the house...of you stashing your pockets with money...of you drinking my vitamin drinks and telling me they just disappeared!...of you teasing your grand-daughter as she went off to a high school dance dressed up as a young lady for the first teasing your grand-son about his bald head...and sharing popcorn with your grand-children.

I miss your physical presence but know that you are with me in spirit. May your body rest in peace and your spirit rejoice vibrantly with the angels as you all sing, "Glory Alleluia!"
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